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The Quality Of Water Is Better With Ameritek Usa Water Softener Systems And Water Filtration Systems

Since 2003, Ameritek Usa has provided whole-house water softener treatment systems that filter drinking water to over one million residential and commercial customers to improve the quality of their municipal or well water and improve the quality of their lives. Our products include residential units, under-counter options, full commercial systems, solar-powered units, and even no-salt tank options.

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Many Ameritek Usa water softeners incorporate a SilverShield® HYgene® filter to inhibit bacteria growth within the filter media bed. The technology behind this proprietary product was adapted from NASA’s silver ion technology developed to purify water for the astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Orbiters.


Ameritek Usa also offers a line of whole-house water treatment systems that utilize green technology to produce great tasting, crystal clear water while reducing scale caused by hard water without the use of salt, potassium, or chemicals. And, it requires no electricity or water usage to perform at maximum efficiency.

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